Julius has worked with more than 100 soccer players in the past years – individually and in the High Performance Player Academy. Here you can see some feedback, testimonials and success stories.

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What Players say about Julius' Work

Success Stories

What Coaches and Players Agents are saying

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Markus Nohl

Coach U19 SG Sonnenhof Großaspach

„The workshop on the Inner Game was very interesting for our boys and definitely helped them a lot. The impulses and perspectives that Julius imparts in an exciting way are very important, especially in this day and age.“

Fußball Coaching Professionell Bewertung vom Trainer

Thomas Gentner

Players Agent

„As a former professional soccer player and now a player consultant, I know how crucial the mental strength of a soccer player is. At SoccerQ, we place a lot of emphasis on the personal development of players. Julius‘ work is very valuable in nurturing ambitious competitive athletes and supporting them on their journey.“

Feedback Mentaltraining Fußballer

Andrew Scheck

Coach Union University
„Julius has always been a hard-working individual who looks to excel in whatever he does. His positive, solution-oriented outlook on life allways him to meet new challenges in sport and in life with optimism, see the potential that could be rather than the struggle or difficulty of the moment. I greatly appreciated his desire to maximize his potential in soccer and in life.“