Keynotes and Workshops for Teams

As a speaker, I give keynotes speeches to teams, clubs and organisations in which I combine experiences and stories with inspiring personal development content. I also hold workshops with teams who want to incorporate mental training and coaching more individually into their training plan.

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3 Pillars for Success in Soccer


Success in Soccer rests on 3 Pillars

soccer player


The technical and tactical abilities and other soccer- related skills.



The physical capabilities like speed, strength and athleticism.



The mental strength und other cognitive skills and mindsets.

Most soccer players train exclusively on the first two pillars. They train their soccer skills on the pitch and their physical skills in the gym.

The problem: the weakest pillar is the limit.

One can be the best soccer player with the best technical skills and the strongest physical abilities, but if one can’t perform when the pressure is on and it really matters, he/she won’t become as successful as he/she could have been.

That’s why it’s so important to train all three pillars professionally.

What Coaches say about the Workshops

Coach für Fussballer - das sagen Spieler und Trainer

Markus Nohl

Coach U19 SG Sonnenhof Großaspach

„The workshop on the Inner Game was very interesting for our boys and definitely helped them a lot. The impulses and perspectives that Julius imparts in an exciting way are very important, especially in this day and age.“

Feedback Mentaltraining Fußballer

Andrew Scheck

Trainer Union University
„Julius has always been a hard-working individual who looks to excel in whatever he does. His positive, solution-oriented outlook on life allways him to meet new challenges in sport and in life with optimism, see the potential that could be rather than the struggle or difficulty of the moment. I greatly appreciated his desire to maximize his potential in soccer and in life.“
testi dominik

Dominik Kunowski

Coach U15 SC Staaken

„Ambitious youth soccer players are under ever-increasing pressure. The differences in performance are becoming smaller and smaller. Mindset is often the deciding factor for success. Through the workshop with Julius, my boys were able to develop this area and perform better.“

testi enrique

Enrique Breser

Coach U15 TuS Dietkirchen

„By working with Julius, we have the great opportunity to train one of the most important areas in soccer – the head – at a high level. Through his expertise, his experience and his authentic manner, he finds a good access to the boys and is, in addition, an important factor in their personal development – on and off the pitch.

testi tobiasloomer

Tobias Lommer

Chairman FC Metternich

„The workshop series on the Inner Game and mental training was very valuable for our youth players. By making the workshops interactive and providing the boys with supporting materials, Julius was able to give the boys something to take away for their athletic as well as their personal careers. I can recommend the workshops to every club that wants to work on the mental area.“

testi thorbenpauls

Thorben Pauls

Coach U19 SC Weiche Flensburg 08

„The workshop was very valuable for our boys. Under the motto „turn every phase into an opportunity“, this was a special kind of training. It was very well received by the players and was a successful change during the time without soccer: „It was a new way to see how the mental game actually works and how you can win it against you – because that is just as important as the soccer game itself.“ (U19 player). Thank you Julius!“

testi ralph

Ralph Metzroth

Coordinator JSG Unterwesterwald

„Julius shared very valuable thoughts and perspectives on the topic of motivation and self-confidence with our boys in the online workshop series during Corona. Great impulses were developed in a relaxed atmosphere, which are also very valuable outside the sports field. Julius did an excellent job of inspiring our young players with his authenticity and vast professional knowledge. And to take them on a mental journey to successively better develop their true potential in the future through the right mental attitude. I can absolutely recommend working with Julius to understand and win the inner game.“

testi yannick

Yannick Rümmele

Coach U13 Concordia Basel

„We wanted to focus on areas during the lockdown that otherwise often fall short. Julius managed to get the players to look at their mental skills with the Inner Game workshop and they are now improving in this area as well. We try to integrate the content further into our work. In the first two games after the workshops, we were able to come back from a deficit in each case and win both games.“

testi sörenw

Sören Walkenbach

Coach U13 TuS Koblenz

„I am incredibly grateful to have met Julius. His coaching and the way of thinking it imparts makes it much easier for me to keep a clear head in pressure situations and to approach things in a solution-oriented manner. As a coach of a youth team, I realize what a big impact my behavior has on that of the kids and accordingly I can only recommend it to every coach to get more involved with mental training.“