About Julius Duchscherer

Mental Performance Coach for ambitious Soccer Players

My Work today

Performance and Mentalcoach

As a performance and mentalcoach I help ambitious soccer players to develop their mental strength so that they can fulfill their true potential – in sports and in life.


As a keynote speaker I hold speeches and workshops for team, clubs and organizations. I combine my experiences and my story with inspiring personal development content.


As an author I write books, journals, newsletters and blogs about my experiences, learnings and work in order to provide players with new perspectives.

My Vita


SV Wehen Wiesbaden U13 – U17 (Youth Academy Team of a Bundesliga Club)

Sportfreunde Eisbachtal U19 (top scorer with 25 goals and promotion to the regional league)

Sportfreunde Eisbachtal seniors in the Rhineland League (6th division)

TuS Koblenz in the Regionalliga Südwest (semi-professional in the 4th division)

North Carolina State University (NCAA Division 1 College Student-Athlete in the Atlantic Coast Conference ACC)

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Highlight Video of my College Career


The most important part of my education comes from my own national and international experiences as a competitive athlete for more than 15 years.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Psychology (summa cum laude, 4,0) at North Carolina State University, USA.

Experts Academy by Brendon Burchard

Certified Sportmentalcoach by  the von Kunhardt Akademie


I live with my wife and my little daughter in Diez near Limburg an der Lahn. Close to both our families.

We love to travel the world together, discover new places and experience exciting adventures.

My biggest „hobby“ is my personal development: I love reading books, listening to podcasts, attending seminars and events and getting a little bit better every day.

My Story

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I grew up with the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Both my parents played soccer and they helped me lay the foundation for my career – in sports and in life.

Julius Duscherer im Nachwuchszentrum vom SV Wehen

Time in a Youth Academy

Time in a Youth Academy

When I was 12 years old, I joined the youth academy of SV Wehen Wiesbaden. The challenges grew. The competition rose. The pressure increased. At that time I was a player who was overthinking everything and who put even more pressure on himself.
jd svwehe

A difficult Time

My physical development was slower than the development of other players. I had a hard time playing against players who were bigger and stronger than I was. I doubted myself and had the feeling of not being good enough. I eventually had to move because I did not fit into the philosophy of the new U19 Bundesliga coach. I felt like my world collapsed.

jd eisbachtal

What I didn't know then

Everything happens for a reason. I joined SF Eisbachtal – a club closer to my hometown – which was the best thing that happened to me. I finished high school with a GPA around 3.4, was the leading goal scorer and helped my team get promoted to the Youth Regionalliga. I kept working hard for my dream.

jd koblenz

Move to TuS Koblenz

After half a year in the senior level I got a offer from TuS Koblenz. Then everything went quickly. I performed in the second team and became a starter for the first team in the Regionalliga (4th division). I just played soccer, with no expectations and pressure because I was happy to get so much playing time as a young player.
jd schatten

The Down Sides of the Soccer Industry

It’s not all roses and butterflies in the professional football. I experienced a lot of difficult things. Relegation battles, bankruptcy of the club, unrest in the team, aggressive and outrages fans, politics, … Adding to the pressure that came from the outside, I put a lot of pressure on me. It was tough for me to fulfill my own aspirations. I was my own worst enemy.

jd usa

Going to the USA

After two seasons and more than 40 games in the Regionalliga, I decided to go to the States with a soccer scholarship. My three years at NC State University helped me grow into the next version of myself. I finished my study with a degree in Business Administration and Psychology (GPA: 4.0) and played some really successful college seasons in the Atlantic Coast Conference. I even was on the list for the MLS Soccer Combine.
jd torjubel

Mindset Shift

Taking the leap to go to the US changed my life. In between my departure and my arrival, I neither changed soccer-wise nor physically, but I changed mentally. I played free and liberated on the pitch. This mindset shift has helped me play a really successful College Career (See Highlight Video). In retrospective I asked myself: „Why haven’t I been able to perform like this more often in the past?“ The answer: my Mindset…

My Why

My Why is contribution. I want to give back because in my career I would have needed what I am passing on today. I wish I had someone who I could talk to get even better and reached the career that I had the potential to. My mission is to make mental training, coaching and personal development a vital part of modern Soccer Education – in accordance with the statement: „Develop people, not just players.“

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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